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Other Anti-Mail-Ware Programs "Fit" With SUPERAntiSpyware ?

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Hallo I am Rednose !


I was recommended by a friend to download SUPERAntiSpyware Free,

who now found no Threads. Fine


I would like to ask 3 Quistions...

1: Should I install more (Free) MailWare/Spyware Programs?

(Some of my friends have "many")

But I do not want to install anything, before I am sure they "Fit" each other.

My PC is Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit

It is 1 day new.

I have now Avast! 4.7 + Windows Defender + SUPERAntiSpyware Free.

Use Firefox with IE Tab.

Do never accept 3. parts cookies.



I notiched a No.4 ... When will that be released?

And can I just Update this version, when it come?



How "Danger" is Smiley Central?

I like these smileys, but know some say they bring Mailware.

(So I have not installed anything on my new PC - But had it on my old XP PC) (A long time ago)


Is small, free trail (children) games from the Internet "Danger"?

Big Fish, Smiley Arcade, and more

Games like "Good Luch Charm De Luxe" "Cutterball"

I also only used those on my old PC, (A long time ago)

but would like to try again - If it is "Safe"

(I do not think I had anything "durty" on the old PC -

As far as I know - But more "Mailware-Criminals" have proberly showed up, during the years...)



Some Informations Please - If you have the Time ...


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SUPERAntiSpyware is designed to get along with other anti-spyware applications with no problem. You can run one in real-time and use others as a 2nd opinion/on-demand scan.

Cookies can't harm your computer in any way, so there is never harm in accepting cookies.

Version 4.0 will be released once our public testing is complete, you are welcome to download it and try it out! You can always upgrade.

Smily Central is often advertised in spyware pop-ups, they may not be "bad" - use your own judgement :)

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