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Problem running full scan with SuperAntiSpyware Free

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I hope I am posting in the correct place this time.

I am trying to run a complete scan and when I do I get a message popping up that says this

SuperAntiSpyware.ex NO DISK

Thre is no sidk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive E

Cancel Try Again Continue

I have all current updates I run Window's XP. I use AVG Free Edition for my virus protector I have Search & Destroy and Spyware Blaster. This has just started doing this recently and I'm not sure as to what to do. Suggestions please...thanks Lila

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Hi Lila and welcome to the SAS forums :)

I encountered a simmilar problem the on a customer's PC last Sunday.They phoned me up because SAS had started throwing up the same alert during routine scanning :?

The only thing i could troubleshoot over the phone was that their E drive was in use by removable storage device(in their case MP3 player).

In this instance i suggested disconnecting that device and starting the scan afresh.This resolved the issue for that person :)

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Ok I had disable just about everything except for internet connection and my virus protector. The E drive is not checked. The C & D are checked only. So I guess this what I will have to do in future when wanting to run a full scan cause when I run the quick scan I don't have disable anything.

Thanks so much by the way for being so quick to answer my question...Lila

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