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When is version 4 due?

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Hi Nick,

I just noticed on a Wilder's forum post that someone was using SAS version 4 back in, I think it was, November 2007. I guess they were a beta tester. They mentioned that they thought (and it was only a thought) that the release version 4 would be due in 'about a week'.

Of course there is still no version 4 to be seen.

Are you able to give any indication of when this is being released? Are we talking days, weeks, months or another year??

Any info would be appreciated.


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I think you are referring to my post at Wilders :)

I said my best guess: one week. Well it wasn't a good guess, sometimes happens in life. But please know that when version 4 comes out it will be a good one and it will be only released when it is completed.


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