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Option to disable Quarantine

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I've just installed SUPERAntispyware (Free Edition) for the 1st time, so far I like it. But I want to be able to disable Quarantine. I don't quarantine viruses, I don't quarantine spyware, I don't quarantine anything. If it's virus or spyware-related, I want it off my computer.....period. With 2 scans so far, it's kind of a PITA going in there to delete quarantined cookies every time.

I'd like to suggest an option to disable quarantine for those of us who don't want to use it.

Thanks, -kd5-

Thanks for the suggestion. We quarantine/backup all files for the safety of your system - in case something was removced which caused your system not to function properly - even spyware when removed could leave the system unusable.

We may provide an option in the future to allow auto-cleaning (deleting) of the quarantine after X days.

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