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Malware trying to combat SUPERantispyware? Puzzling.

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I recently let someone use my computer for a couple of hours, and when I returned, I found it infected with a host of malware; apparently, a fairly malignant strain. Not having been stupid enough to infect myself in many years, I figured I could just run adaware and everything would go away. In fact, the infection caused my entire computer to restart when AdAware attempted to remove it. After updating AdAware, IE, and Java, the tide seems to be turning. There aren't popups anymore, but SUPERantispyware keeps finding Vundo variants over and over again, despite finding them and removing them. Somewhere along this process, a strange quirk started appearing on my screen which I can only imagine was a feeble attempt to combat SUPERantispyware's operation. Directly after running SUPERantispyware, a white box appears on the bottom right hand of the screen which defaults to be above everything. I think the idea behind this is to prevent you from clicking on the icon. However, if you click on the taskbar, it comes to the top anyway, so it's not terribly effective. It is, however, annoying as hell, and I still cannot disinfect my computer using SUPERantispyware. It's gotten to the point where I'm about to put Ubuntu on my computer and stop fighting it.

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I would suggest submitting a support ticket here and link back to this topic>>>


Its quite possible you have the most recent Vundo infection which is a mass file infector making it a PITA to nuke.They will probaly have you run their inhouse diagnostic tool to seewhats going on.....

FYI if you stick with windows OS i would always suggest to folks that they create a Limited user account for guests to use(thus reducing damage scenario) and password protect the Admin account(s) to keep them out :wink:

All the best!

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