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I want to thank you guys

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I've just gotten Super Anti Spyware, and I want to thank you guys a lot. I got a trojan that I could not figure out how to manually delete, and none of the programs I've used in the past could completely remove it. *Cough* Spybot: Search and Destroy *Cough*

But, Super Anti Spyware (Sorry if I'm spelling it wrong with the spaces) got rid of it. :) I'm going to recomend the program to any of my friends that ever needs help, and I would donate, but I'm 17, no job at the moment, so I can't really do that...

So anywho, thanks a million.

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Thank you for your kind comments, we are pleased that we could help. Instead of donating "to the cause" , tell all your friends about your "success story ". :D

Happy Holidays!!

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I am also a new user. We had a virus that popped up as WinSpywareProtect. My AVG didn't catch it and I download a couple different things to try and get rid of it and even tried to manually delete it. I could not get rid of it. I had seen your website listed a few times so I tried it and after about a 30 minute scan....IT WAS GONE!!!! I was soooo happy! Thank you so much! I really can't thank you enough!


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