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Message that pops up when I turn on my computer-HELP!!!

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i cant copy the message that pops up bit in the bottom righthand screen is a yellow triangle with an exclamation point....it starts:

SUPERAntiSpyware.exe - Corrupt File

and then some long sentence I didnt catch followed by please run chkdsk file.

It this something that Superantispware cant remove or is it legit?....please help me I am afraid this is something bad.....and if it is legit how am i supposed to run this chkdsk file?

if i happen to see it again i will try to get a screen shot to post....thank you

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Click on Start>Run and type in chkdsk /r (noting the space between the "k" and the "/".

Click ok and you will get a black screen with a prompt. Choose Y for yes and hit enter.

Restart the computer and hard drive error checking will begin and take about an hour. After it is finished, the computer will restart normally. If the error message still persists, uninstall then reinstall SAS.

EDIT- If you're using the paid version of SAS and need to reinstall it, remember to transfer the license key: Preferences>Help.

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