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This software has not been compared and tested anywhere..why

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Yes, because it is maybe new, or so poor that they dont dear to add it to some test and take 20 place in the row....think guys what this author is explaining, only crap!

Many of the tests today are inaccurate and don't show the full story, here is my blog on the topic:


Here is some information regarding what people think of our product.

Spyware Warrior Recommended/Trustworthy Applications List


CNET Download.com Reviews

http://www.download.com/SUPERAntiSpywar ... l?sb=2&v=0

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I have tested SAS on numerous occaisions and it has performed very well on all occaisions.

My tests are amateur and with that they have limited value but the one thing that is certain about them is that my testing is done on a level playingfield unlike most comparitive tests today.



HTH :)

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