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Terrific utility . . . Thanks to the SAS team

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By the number of posts on this forum, there seems to be several problems and complaints about SAS, some legitimate and, unfortunately, perhaps some not. So, to stir the pot a little, I again want to thank the SAS team for giving us a terrific program. I tried it out 3 months ago, purchased a license for SAS Pro one day later (money well spent), and have had no problems since then. The little SAS Pro icon (crab? ladybug? beetle?) sits in my system tray and simply does its job.

However, as good as SAS is, it cannot fix everything if you are careless. If you continue to visit dubious websites, and download questionable software, no utility in the world will take away your self-made problems.

I have UNinstalled Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D, and use SAS Pro exclusively along with my anti-virus. That turned out to be a wise and successful decision for me. Perhaps many of you have done similar. Maybe posting your successes with SAS on this forum will help others, and purchasing a Pro version will show support.

Just be careful where you visit, what you download, read SAS's extensive help section, and let SAS work for you.

I hope I haven't insulted anyone. Flame me if you must. I can take it. I am a retired teacher from a New York City (Brooklyn) high school. After 34 years of that, nothing much bothers me any longer.

Thanks again for a terrific product.

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Thank you for your kind remarks and we are very pleased to learn how well it works for you and your approach to "malware" . We do try very hard to maintain a quality product. :)

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