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:? as to whether SAS is culprit....

Ctfmon.exe is the file that is responsible for controlling the Alternative User Input technologies. It starts the Language Bar component (in the Systray) and remains running in the background even after you quit an Office XP program. It also starts each time Windows is started and remains in the background, regardless of whether an Office XP program is started.

Ctfmon.exe is designed to continue to run in the background during Windows sessions after the Office XP Alternative User Input components are installed.

If it bothers you that much just disable its run entry at bootup(thats what i have always done) :wink:

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Well I saw this ctfmon.exe when clicking on the + for SUPERAntiSpyware.exe in Process Explorer.

I haven't installed officeXP and I don't think you just can uncheck ctfmon.exe in msconfig or something alike.


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I don't think that SAS has anything to do with ctfmon.exe. Have you tried to disable ctfmon.exe from Control Panel/Regional and Language Opitions. Just turn off advanced text devices.

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