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Combination of Malwarebytes and Avast

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Hi! I would like to know, if Malwarebytes + Avast is a good option? I have Avast, but since each one detects something different, I would like to know, if it's worth having Malwarebytes + Avast? Since Avast, is objective is to find Viruses and Malwarebytes to find Malware. I know, that actually all you need is common sense + firewall, and I have that. But just want to keep my computer, a little extra safe. Moreover, i was also reading the comparison between theme here https://www.reviewsed.com/malwarebytes-vs-avast So.. Would it be a good option to have Malwarebytes + Avast as a combo? If not, which one you prefer, and why? Thank you!

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