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Slow removing items from missing folders

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I have found looking at the scan log that some of the folders that Superantispyware says it is deleting items from, no longer exist.  this is especially true for google\chrome folders with ...\APPDATA\LOCAL\GOOGLE\CHROME\USER DATA\DEFAULT\COOKIES as one of the sub folders.  If I look at the path the folder COOKIES is no longer there??? Not sure why it finds items in a folder that no longer exists.  When it tries to delete these files it takes the program a long time since it is trying to find non-existent items.  At the very least it should find the first item and see that it is in a non-existent folder and from that point on if another item is pointed to that folder just recognize it is deleted and go on.  But it seems to try each and every item taking a long time to try and delete them.

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