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NIS Browsing Protection Blocks SAS Free Upgrade Banner Ad as "Phishing" ...

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I had a strange experience while updating the spyware definitions in the "SUPERAnitSpyware Free Edition" program. 

There was a banner ad at the bottom of the *PROGRAM* screen (not as part of a web browser page) advertising that I could "upgrade to the Professional version of the program for $9.95 1 PC/1 Year."

When I clicked on this banner ad, my Chrome browser opened and Norton Internet Security Browser Protection (for Chrome) immediately blocked me from the special offer website with big red screen and the following warning message:

" Malicious Site Blocked!You attempted to access:https://unanalytics.com/stats?hash=rsf1nuuhal41e7jq2hj0grpb9This web page is a known malicious web page. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page.

Visit Norton to learn more about phishing and internet security."

Is it possible I have a rouge/fake version of "SUPERAnitSpyware Free Edition" installed on my computer, or is there an explanation as to why "Norton Internet Security Browser Protection" (for Chrome) would flag a promotional website linked *within* the SAP Free Edition program as "unsafe"/"malicious"?

I am posting PNG screenshots illustrating the promotional banner and the resulting "Phishing/Unsafe message from Norton Internet Security's  Browser Protection (for "Chrome" browser) below, to illustrate my experience:


Any help or insight into this issue would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much.


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