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You have no real setup information available for the CMS product.
I installed the server application on my secondary domain controller.  I have also installed the 64 bit client on 60+ systems.  19 systems seem to be working okay.  43 of those systems show red in the console window.  Some have a red "X" next to the system name, some have a red "?".

If you hover over the ones with a red "x" you see the message "'System_Name' has not checked in for a while.  This workstation may be offline or encountering connectivity issues."
If you hover over the ones with a red "?" you see the message "''System_Name' has never connected to this server. Tip: Install the CMS client on this machine or check for firewall/connectivity issues."
All my systems have the same build, same hardware.  Windows 10 Professional x64.

So far, "support" has been pretty non-existant.

Does anyone have this up and running?  Any tips or tricks to get all the clients to connect?




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