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drop in detection in Windows 10

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I recently upgraded from Windows 7 pro to Windows 10 pro. Upgraded over the top of Windows 7.

Had SAS free  on Windows 7 and liked it. I had zero issues with functionality.

While I do not surf the Internet all that frequently, SAS, on a weekly basis, usually detected 200+ cookies on my system and deleted them.

When I upgraded to W10, SAS survived, although I lost my automatic weekly 'check for updates'.  But most importantly, when I ran a scan, SAS only returned @ 20 hits. Since that W10 upgrade, SAS has never detected more than 40 cookies  despite the fact that my browsing habits have not changed (perhaps become even a bit more frequent).

I have seen others...on the TenForums...having the same experience. Does SAS work on Windows 10?

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