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Updating SAS "Error creating shortcut, aborting installation" W7

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Just downloaded update, and when I install, it says "Error creating shortcut, aborting installation" on my Windows 7 computer. 

I've done it several times with insanity--expecting a different outcome and being disappointed.

It just occurred to me as I type, that perhaps I should install last year's version and then update that--perhaps the update is not a full edition.

Any ideas?



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I have a clean Win 10 system w/o SAS and I get this same    "Error creating shortcut, aborting installation" > How did this get resolve for phineasbogg. I've tried everything on the Windows side.  Thanks,  Bill

Found answer buried in another general post from a year or so ago, Duh!! ----- RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR !!!  Just learning how to use this forum.  Thanks again

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