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Infected system (prior to SuperAntiSpyware install)

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I have a system that is infected with one of more pieces of spyware, which has disabled the Windows Installer Service (i.e., all installs are failing).

Can SuperAntiSpyware scan this system either:

1) Without first requiring an install (e.g., setup.exe/setup.msi)

2) Via Windows PE (Pre-installation environment) - WinPE is a version of WinXP or Vista that is bootable via CD but has no inherent graphica interface. Also, components such as IE, WMP, Explorer, etc. are not even available. WinPE is essentialy a 32-bit boot disk (based on WinXP or Vista) and it can run 32-apps - that do not require an install.

Does SuperAntiSpyware cover either of these scenarios?


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If you're still around and still looking for assistance, or someone else that comes along with a similar issue.

I'm not sure if option #2 is supported but I think it would be a great enhancement if not (have not tried to make it work on UBC4W yet but hope to in near future)

Please have a look at this topic to see if this resolves the issue for you

Can not install SuperAntiSpyware - Window installer service

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