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Photos in Complete Scan

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Good Afternoon

I have had SAS Pro installed for a few years now and have always been happy with it.

Recently, however, the Complete Scan times have been creeping up until yesterday it took 49.5 mins to scan my computer which has only just over 108 GB of storage used.

SAS Support suggested I uninstall and re-install the program - which I did today and did reduce the scan time to 34 mins. This does still seem to be a bit high and is around twice the time taken this time last year.

I am wondering if this is reflecting an increased number of photos (all taken by me) stored on the computer in Windows Photo Viewer - approx. 20GB now.

Is it necessary to keep re-scanning all these photos or can I exclude them from the scan?  If they can be excluded how do I do that? I can only find how to add folders, not to skip them.

Hope you can help.



OS. Windows 10 Home 1809 17763.504

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