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Network and Internet Settings disappear after SAS scan with Chrome windows open

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I have SAS set up to scan my computer every night sometime after midnight. If I don't exit out of my open Chrome windows at night, when I return in the morning, I will have lost my connection to the internet. When I try to reconnect to the internet via the Windows internet access interface, none of my available networks appear. When I try to reach the Network and Internet Settings via the Windows Settings route (ie, the gear button) I get a blue screen with a continual buffering symbol. My only recourse has been to restart Windows. (I am running Windows 10, btw.)

This happens every time I forget to exit out of Chrome before leaving my computer for the evening. Obviously, the work-around for me is to exit out of Chrome every night, but I would prefer to fix whatever problem is happening so this isn't necessary. Any thoughts?

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