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Didn't Imagine It - Here's Where I Saw It

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This is in reference to my November 30, 2018 post - Is 8.0.1024 Only for Windows 7 and Above?

Where I saw what lead me to interpret that SAS was no longer going to support Windows XP was on the August 9, 2018 post on the SAS Blog.  I'd never read the SAS Blog before.  I didn't know what type of posts it had.  I assumed they were all SAS-related.  So, when I read that particular post, I interpreted it to mean that SAS was pulling the plug on Windows XP.  I interpreted it as SAS saying that since virtually everyone else was ceasing support for Windows XP ... SAS would follow in the same path.

I see now that fortunately, at this time ... that is NOT true. :)  I'll be updating to the latest SAS 8.x a little bit later today.  Thank you SAS for not throwing Windows XP to the curb ... at least certainly not for now.

SAS Blog - Leave Win XP Behind.jpg

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