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Windows 10 update/ virus and automatic

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I have a true nana/papa disaster that I can’t seem to solve. I thought I had their computer locked down pretty good but I let the Maliware bytes and antispyware protections expire. For the last couple months they have been clicking on every possible extension, spyware and malware that can be downloaded. Besides hundreds of viruses and malware I have a bigger problem of W10 automatic downloads not staying clicked and virus updates not downloading.  Here’s what I tried to do to fix it, not necessarily in order....


1 Installed new hardrive and fresh install, viruses and malware still there

2 Ran  malware bytes and antispware till cleaned still their

3 download all bios and driver updates 

4 Register software tools and discovered dll stuff missing from registry

5 I have the latest windows update but still click check for updates and it starts to download virus update stuff and then stops

I’m stuck, I guess they can still use it but it will never automatically update and the stuff will comeback.



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