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Question about recovering cookies

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Hi everybody I'm new here.

I recently did and scan that ONLY found Cookies. Usually I click Cancel scan as some of these are important. For example log-ins to different sites like Google and Yahoo etc.

Yesterday by mistake (OK I was distracted) I clicked continue.... It only started deleting for less than 10 seconds before I stopped it but enough damage was done.

Is there anyway to get them back?  I have looked in the quarantine part but there is nothing there.

Any help would be grateful and thank you in advance.

Windows 10 updated from 7 :  SAS version 6.0.1250 Browser Firefox 57.0.2 (64bit)

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I don't think you can get those back once they've been deleted.

In future it may be beneficial to you to whitelist those sites you regularly login to, this should stop those cookies being scanned.

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