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Watch out for fake PayPal phishing emails!

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We here at SUPERAntiSpyware HQ have noticed in uptick in spam that claims to be PayPal attempting to get users to “Confirm your information” in regards to “Unauthorized decides connected to your account”. This of course, is a clever way to try to phish your PayPal login information and steal it.

Example of what the Phishing email looks like.

Beyond the obvious sketchy character of the email, hovering over the links within the email with your mouse pointer clearly shows it takes you to a different website and not PayPal.

Link goes to rogue website

We here at SUPERAntiSpyware recommend you simply delete this email, and do not click any links within the email. If you have been scammed by this email, immediately change your PayPal account password and consider looking into changing your spam settings to avoid future spam emails such as these. Remember, if you do not recognize the sender address, do not open the email, and also if you do open an email always hover your mouse pointer over the emails links to see where they’re trying to take you.

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