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suspect vbs files downloaded from spam email and scanned using sasw are undetected as malware

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Should superantispyware detect malware with a '.vbs' extension, from junk mail? Much of those I receive are missed, whether I have the latest update,or have set to scan inside archives or not.

SASW is not the only software that doesn't always detect them. I usually just bin the emails, and of course for any with unknown attachments from unknown users, you should always bin them, but as a test here is my latest attachment.

The vbs files I receive are usually hidden inside archives, within another archive itself, which seemingly is an attempt to make them harder to detect

I would upload it here, but I suspect the file would then go public. Is there a page to submit files?


(edit - perhaps this should have been posted within the malware detection section)

Similar to this, although the actions of the vbs script file may obviously differ  click here


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