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superadblocker prevents videos from running on Yahoo

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I have two issues to discuss. On Monday, August 21st I purchased two licenses for Superantispyware with a life time subscription. It cost me $49.88. Today I see that I could purchase the same setup for $39.95. :-( I am wondering if this trend continues that maybe the company is financially in trouble, and we will all be stuck with a useless program.

The second more important issue is that when running real time protection, videos in Yahoo.com will not play. (I have found that by checking "play a sound when a potentially hamful application is blocked") seems to remedy this. Shouldn't there be some kind of warning about this?

JayT36 - our company is not in any financial trouble, and we do offer specials from time to time - our product is certainly not "useless" - we have been around for years, and will continue to be.

SUPERAntiSpyware should not prevent videos as we don't block pop-ups or scripts, are you running SUPERAdBlocker also?

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