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Free SAS with Bitdefender?!

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i am running Bitdefender on 3 computers.  All three also have free SAS on them.

One computer, which was the only one also running premium Malwarebytes, gave error messages when updating.  BD told me to get Malwarebytes off, and also to remove some scraps that Mcaffee left behind.  I did, and the errors continued.  Now they tell me I have to get the SAS off.

That didn't make any sense to me because 1) it wasn't running; it just did on demand scans and 2) it is loaded on my other two computers and they are not having errors.

But I complied.  And BD hasn't had an error since.

Any insight into why this might be and how I can have SAS loaded?  I only run a scan every month or two, but having to download it each time will be a pain.  (I have a softspot for SAS; 10 years ago I had a virus and SAS was the only program that was able to get it off.)


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Hi Toller

I had a similar issue years ago when BD free stopped syncing with the server so updates became impossible, after sending log files to BD they advised me to remove SAS too which I did and there was no change for me so in the end I moved to Avira Never had a problem since. So I think the issue is with a BD update that breaks things from time to time, a shame because I did like BD.

SAS is designed to work alongside a AV whether it be the free version or pro but most AV vendors tend to say the same thing BD never could explain to me why or where in the BD log I sent them it stated SAS was to blame, eventually they ignored me so as I say I changed AVs.

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