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SAS and WinPE Plugin

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I hear the guys who put together the UBCD4Win CD are waiting for your approval to include an SAS Plugin in an upcoming distro. I sure hope you will say YES. Having that plugin already incorporated will be such a nice thing.

Hopefully you'll be working with those guys.

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Mine has been working for quite a while now. I had to build it from scratch. Just remember that scanning from the ramdrive to a dead hard drive, you are only using the SAS database. I use a batch file to see if there is anything leftover in the directories afterwards. Depending on the number and type of infections, there is usually quite a bit of bad dll files that go undetected I'm sorry to say. I just manually delete them from RAM. I also scan locations in the remote registry as well to look for anything left behind. In my opinion the biggest drawback scanning from a CD is.....speed.

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