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Difference in Behavior between Win 7 and Win 10

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I have SAS pro on two machines, one a Desktop with Win 7, the other a laptop with Win 10. 


I have both configured very closely and use Chrome and Forefox.  Everything updated auto.


The desktop w/ Win 7 pro scan is seamless.  Don't really see it, does not slow down and cleans seamlessly.


The Laptop (XPS 12 with updated RAM and Win 10)  is an inconvenience.  The auto scan slows down all internet operations to the point where I pause it, and it goes very slow when cleaning.  All the cookies it kills are in Chrome.


I have done deep scans with both SAS and Malware Pro; and the cookies are fairly benign but numerous.


Any ideas what to configure/look for?





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It may be an issue with Win 10 as it sends a lot of telemetry to MS. 


You could try :


Disable Kernel Direct File Access

Disable Kernel Direct Registry Access

Disable Direct Disk Access


The above can be found in the Help & Info section of the product.

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