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Need silent mode

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I have a number of customers that are rather computer illiterate and dare I say "intolerant". They had instructed me to remove SAS even after buying a license, simply because they did not want to see any visible and interactive signs of the program!


So, my question is: Is it possible to configure a licensed SAS so that it is virtually totally silent and runs in the background without visible signs to the user? I would like it to do a scan/remove every hr, but not close currently open browsers and not ask any questions. Emailing me (IT Support) in case of infections, or weekly reports is fine as long as it is done in the background.





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Hi Paul


You'll have to wait for an official rep of SAS to answer with 100% accuracy, but personally I don't think you can have a full "silent mode" at present (I may be wrong).


Apparently there are no switches that can be used from the command line and I would assume that even if GPedit was to be used, it may still show signs of life whenever an update was needed.


You can set the Scan Schedule to work every day at certain times I don't think you can select every hour (I don't have it on this machine so can't check).


You can set it not to close open browsers except I think when malware removal is necessary as it will require a restart of the computer.


In terms of emailing you progress reports you may be better off with the SAS CMS https://forums.superantispyware.com/index.php?/topic/7330-superantispyware-cms-pre-release-information/ for more information.


But you should see what the team says. :)

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