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Enable manually adding of (online survey related) cookies scan

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Suggestion: enable ability to manually add specific web site cookies for scanning and deletion, in addition to those provided by the SAS database.

Scenario: in order to complete certain online surveys, web site cookies may be required being accepted, at least temporarily while completing the survey.

Such as: opinionresearch.com, opinionshere.com, onlinesurveybureau.com, mysurvey.com, ipsosinteractive.com, revsci.net, scorecardresearch.com, ipoll.com, insightexpressai.com, samplicio.us, relevantid.com, qualtrics.com, reson8.com, chtah.net, ktrmr.com, fwmrm.net, crwdcntrl.net, feedburner.com, and several others.

In other words: do not block these tracking cookies while completing the survey, but then enable deleting these tracking cookies afterwards, via SAS.

As of now, the SAS database does not determine that these survey related cookies are worthy of deletion.

So: manual deletion via Firefox browser's Privacy option is how these are being handled, at present.

Note: a single survey will often involve cookies from several other sites, in addition to the site shown in the browser's address bar.

Thanks very much.

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