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"Panic Ware", Zlob and Vundo infections RAMPANT!

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Has anyone else noticed the number and frequency of the aforementioned infections is WAY up over the past 3 months??? I am the accursed "free tech support" for my entire family, who number many..they're like Legion from the Bible...no foolin'...LOL, and I have been called at least 6 times over the past few months with these issues and I can tell you for a fact that at least half of them were NOT the result of visiting "nekkid people" sites and so forth.

Symantec is still reporting most of these as "Low" and Easy or Moderate as far as removal goes...which is laughable and I must note here that their OWN PRODUCT does NOTHING to help resolve them! Moderate my butt...it's DIFFICULT and VERY time consuming...thank GOD for SuperAntiSpyware...once I found you guys the process sped up significantly.

So what's up? Is there any commonality to the attacks? Anyone we can sue or send the Sopranos to visit???

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Hi micromouse and welcome to the SAS forums :)

IME Z-lobs are being widely installed c/o the free pr0n codec avenue :shock:

I need pr0n, fast, click, codec, wtf, yes, ... give me pr0n, fast....Flashing system alert,your PC is now infected

That said virtually all Vundo infections i have cleaned recently are on PC's with vulnerable old versions of Sun Java(JRE) installed.

It would seem that is the attack surface commonly used forVundo to gain entry onto a PC nowadays IME , result is folks need to close this hole if they have Java installed.

Merely updating Java software is not sufficient to close the hole as earliar vulnerable versions on a system can still be called up and malicious code inserted through the hole.

Since installing new Java update dose not uninstall older vulnerable versions,

folks need to check add/install tab ,uninstall all versions of Java JRE except the most recent version which is available to download from>>>


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