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Quick Scan is NOT Quick!

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Hello! I used your product to eliminate several NASTY zlob variants, some vundoo and all kinds of other nonsense that got into my machine after SOMEONE in the house (to be unnamed) clicked on the flashy window that came up in our internet browser saying "YOU ARE INFECTED!" Well, that was a 4 day cleanup ride I don't EVER want to take again. In any case, your product was SO impressive...I bought it....and have started recommending it to EVERYONE who comes to me with similar problems, and they seem to be MANY these days...but that's another thread.

In any case, once I was able to use all of the neat startup features etc, I turned on the "Quick Scan" option at start up and I have to tell you...it AIN'T QUICK! For some reason, it's basically do a Complete Scan of the system, taking HOURS and hanging my PC in the process (it's a pretty resource intensive product, but that's GOOD in my opinion). So, my questions are:

1. Has anyone else enabled the Quick Scan function at startup and are they having similar problems?

2. If not, what can I do to resolve it other than turn it off? I REALLY like having it turned on...cause startup is usually when the bad stuff gets in.

Thanks for all of your hard work, your GREAT price and just A++++ product. MWAH! :mrgreen:

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