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Scan entire disk drive

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I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this - but under Windows XP if you go to My Computer you can see the disk drive icon.  If I right-click on the icon SAS does not have a way to scan the disk drive.  Instead, I have to open the disk drive, select everything, and then select the "Scan all selected files" which is VERY scary because it would be very - very - very easy to accidentally select the "Secure DELETE" that is right below the first option.


So I'd like to make two suggestions. :-)


1. Change the menu for the right-click so when looking at an icon of a disk drive you can scan it with SAS.

2. Remove (or at least put some white space between) the option to scan all selected files and the option to delete all selected files so there is less of a chance to do so.


To further let you guys know my concern over this - I have a weebly-woobly mouse wheel that has a mind of its own.  Luckily it doesn't automatically do the clicking of the mouse.  But I have had it move the option I'm about to select to another option.  The mouse is like 10 years old and I have a new one on order.  But there have been a few "OH SH*T!" times lately when the mouse wheel has tried to get me to do all sorts of things as it scrolls up or down the screen with a mind of its own.  So a bit of white space would be appreciated so the delete mechanism is not jamb up against the scan request. :-)


Thanks for considering these changes.




PS: Or if you happen to have a spare sonic screwdriver laying around - I could use that too.  :-)

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