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superantispyware stuck on one file

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I suspected that my laptop was infected so tried to use SuperAntispyware to get rid of spyware and unwanted cookies. I have run the programs several times and also uninstalled and re-installed it once, but it seems that the program keeps getting stuck at the same file every time it scans the HD. This happens only when I do the complete scan - quick scan always seems fine.


The specific file that SuperAntispyware got stuck on is (if I copy EVERYTHING correctly) -



Google-searching the file doesn't show up anything so I have no idea what this means.


Any idea what this file is and how I could get around it to have a complete scan by SuperAntispyware. Thank you

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Oh, Great ! Will give it a try and report it back. Thank you very much !!

A quick follow-up question on CACHE though, if we "clear" the CACHE using Firefox Options, does it mean those contents will be completely gone? or are they still hidden/stored somewhere in the computer? I am asking this because I assume anything SuperAntiSpyware detects and removes will be at least in quarantine. Not sure if this applies to the CACHE in Firefox as the files might still lurk around after "being cleared". Any idea? Again, thank you for your input.

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