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( SOLVED ) how to use the superdelete file removal?

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i am stuck trying to understand how to use the superdelete file removal.

i recently tried to update my flash player, upon its prompt to do so.

But it installed McAfee onto my system against my wishes.

I discovered the shortcut on my desktop, and did a windows search to find its target folder.

Then i right-clicked it and chose the superdelete file removal.

It brought up the spyware's window, i typed in YES to confirm.

but instead of showing a 'file was removed successfully" or something, it brought up a second window,

this one listing several items, including the Mcafee, but also others such as ones i had asked superdelete to remove in the past.


Why are they still here? I don't want to simply remove them from the list,i want to remove them completely from my computer. But i see no option to do this.


Is there a help user guide? Or is this forum the best way to find out answers?


And, how can i ask superdelete to not only delete the file i right-click on, but also any other file related to it, such as its accessories, and anything it might be polluting my system with?


Thanks for any help! :)


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Programs are often "extended" beyond their supposed normal routes because this is just how systems work, you can often find files belonging to a program in the Temp folder, AppData folder (hidden by default), Program Data folder etc 9/10 uninstallers will not remove these files so 'special uninstallers' are created to do this work such as Revo, Geek Uninstaller.


In the case of SuperDelete, this tool is designed to remove stubborn files/folders often not removed and left behind by malware, so the extras you're seeing is likely to be those extra files/folders not automatically removed by the each programs uninstaller.


You should also run something non destructive like CCleaner to remove any trace elements in the temp folder and or registry.

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thanks so much, your answer's very helpful!

just one clarification if you would--

so then is there no way to tell superdelete to delete the things it lists there? (Im not sure why it shows me these things, if it cannot delete them..)

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When you "SUPERDelete" a file, it adds that file to a list (the list you are seeing of all files you've "SUPERDeleted") and then SAS will take every possible measure to delete the file.


The list of files you are seeing will be re-deleted when you reboot your PC.  This is in part due to some files being unable to be deleted until a reboot, but it's also a handy feature if something keeps re-creating a file you don't want - SUPERDelete will keep deleting it for you until you clear it from the SUPERDelete list.  The filename being in that list doesn't mean the file is still on your PC, odds are it isn't.


Hope that information helps!

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