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Wake from sleep mode crashes SuperAntiSpyware

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I put my PC to sleep at night, rather than shutting down. When I wake it in the morning, SuperAntiSpyware has crashed.  It never used to do this, and has only started since i ran the latest version.


It isn't caused because it has tried to wake the PC up to perform a scan, as whether or not it has performed scans, I always get the same error message when I wake up the PC about sending a crash report and whether or not I want to restart SuperAntiSpyware. So if it's done a scan while the PC was asleep I can then see the scan results underneath the error message window (when I wake thePC up again), which is frustrating as I cant then remove whats its found and have to restart SuperAntiSpyware, run another scan and then remove them. 


How can I stop it crashing when I wake up the PC? 


I run Win7 service pack 1 fully updated ;)

I have SuperAntiSpyware Pro, version 6.0.1204

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