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SAS with AVs

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Four months ago I changed to a new AV (Kaspersky) from Bitdefender after 4 years.
With Kaspersky installed, my browsers (Palemoon & Firefox) plus my only email client (PostBox) locked up and were totally unusable.
Using a Linux machine I was able to maintain email and browsing ... curiously on the Windows PC Internet Explorer still worked.
Internet banking/bill-paying is very important to us.
To cut a long story short Kaspersky's "Safe Money" would only recognise Internet Explorer, in spite of "Safe Money" options/settings.
But to login to my banks ... IE had to have SSL protocols reduced to SSL1  and all popups disabled.
After weeks of investigating and several threads on the K~ forum Moscow admitted their is a bug in K~ "Safe Money"
-  a patch was promised within 24 hours ... the patch never appeared, in fact the bug had been evident (forum threads) since Jan 2015 and I can only surmise the bug existed in KIS 2015 since its release in August-2014(?)
- In desperation I contacted (local onshore) K~ telephone support (here in Australia)
Foolishly I surrendered to remote access to the K~ tech, who promptly uninstalled SAS (and Malwarebytes) telling me that "those" programs interfere with Kaspersky and are completely unnecessary.  I had free SAS installed ... obviously the K~ tech did not have a clue about free SAS and how it cannot live monitor.
-  the K~ tech's interference did not improve any of the problems :evil:
- to add to frustration, the registry was left in a mess and no program files were removed not even from C:\Windows folder :evil:
Consequently I have dumped Kaspersky (no refund) and gone back to Bitdefender (BIS-2015)
-  all my problems have disappeared  :D
IMO SAS is a necessary tool in my arsenal of PC protection.... so much so I want to buy SAS-PRO
BUT ... the broad brush statement that SAS plays with "most" AVs is not specific enough for my comfort
Q1: how well does SAS live monitoring integrate with BIS-2015 ?
-  statements like "should" and "I think" and "usually" are not definitive enough for my liking.
I cannot believe any protection program can be be all-things-to-all-people ... so far I have found SAS to be an excellent tool
-  one anti-malware programs is insisting it can do it all ... in my experience "no they do not"
I would like to pay for SAS but if SAS and Bitdefender do not play happily together I would like to make a donation to SAS
-  if so how and where ?
I would appreciate any feedback, thank you :)

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We do offer a trial of SAS Pro that you could install to ensure it works with your antivirus of choice and will happily issue you a refund within 30 days for any reason,.  That being said, we haven't had any reports of problems with Bitdefender so (wait for it...) "I think" it "should" work for you ;)  SAS doesn't hook into the system in an aggressive way, which is why we've always been very compatible with other scanners and exceptionally light on system resources.


- Dave


Edit: I missed your question about donations; it's awesome that you want to support our efforts with SAS and hearing that is always a big motivator for us to keep making it a great product.  Unfortunately, we can't accept donations - I think it's something to do with our parent company being publicly traded? I'm not sure, I just make software 'round here :)

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*if you are the OP and would like this re-opened, please contact a member of Staff.

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