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The Spammers.

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Hi  folk.


I thought we could   have  a  discussion around  spammers; many  of  you - especially  long  term members - may  have  noticed the  prevalence of  phoney e-mail  that  this  section  of  the  forum  attracts  and  that  it  seems  to  come  in  periodical  waves - sometimes  masses  in  short  time  periods, sometimes  on  or  two(+?)  in  short  periods and  then big  gaps  of  time  when we  are  spam  free.


Why  is  there  this  distribution  of  spam,  and   why  to  this  forum ? I am  a  member  of several  forums  and  use  many  websites  were  comments  are  encouraged on articles they  have  featured. Most of  the social  forums  that are 'user  generated'  are  spam  free  and  that may  be  because they  are moderated  in  real  time ie  ALL  posts  are  viewed  by  moderator(s) before being  allowed  to enter  the  forum - and  I  know  that  this  is  NOT the  case  as  probably all of  the  social forums I  use, instantly  post  my  message and  they seem  spam  free  forums as far  as  I  can  tell.


Some  forums  moderate  the  first  few  posts  you  make,  then,  if  no  problems,  your  posts  become  instantaneous there  too.


Some  newspaper, on line  news etc  forums  were contributers  are asked  to  comment on  articles/stories  that  they  produce,  do  occassionally have  spam  adverts  visible, but  this  is very  few  and  far  between in my  experience.


So  why  do  we  attract so  much  spam, is  there  a  pattern in  where  the  spam  originates ( Eastern  Europe, America, China  etc ) , does  it  work - produce  sales for  the  spammer, and  then  the  more  interesting  aspects  for  me : 


how  does advertising  affects  us - consciously and subconsciously ?


is  advertising  really  cost  effective OR  something  more  sinister ? - I have  serious  doubts  that some  advertising  is cost  effective  and  either  some  advertisers  take  a  loss  and  this  is  'acceptable'   to  them  because  they  are  convinced  that they  must  do  it  or  things  would  be  worst  saleswise  or  there  are  hidden  subsidies/pressures  to  conform. 


Comments  welcome, but  please,    no  spam !

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Hullo  GuiltySpark 


seems a  high  point  in  bogus  new  members  joining  for  business  reasons. I  wonder  if  it  is  the  warm  weather  summer-wise Northern hemisphere.


I  heard  what  I  think  is  best  quotes  for  many, many  moons  on  another  forum  I  frequent  and  the  discussion  was  about 'God'  and  was  there  any tangible  proof  of  a  Creator  of  the  universe...  no  proof  FOR  or  AGAINST  was  forthcoming,  but  one  poster  just  replied  using  this  quote:



The  heart  has its  reasons that reason cannot  know.


It  is  by  Blaise Pascal  a  Frenchman that died young (39)  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blaise_Pascal


He  also had  a  kind  of  eternal  insurance  called  Pascal's Wager  -  kind  of  hedging  your  bet.


Please  do  let  us know  of   your  own  'beliefs'  reader, if  you  want, but ayway  keep  up  the  sterling  work GuiltySpark  and  have  a  good  summer. :-P:arrow::mrgreen:

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Thank you very much elspeth. I'm trying to enjoy the summer but alas it has yet to arrive, sure its been warm but not really sunny. I did enjoy the mini heatwave we had back in June though, just wish it could last longer ;)

My beliefs are Pagan ones Asatru mainly, possibly with a hint of druidism in terms of the nature side of things.

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Wow  GuiltySpark,  the  spammers  are  certainly  coming  thick and fast this  August[2015]: seems the  odd  one  is  not  directly trying to solicit  business,  but  looking  for  some  form  of  self-expression.(?)


Maybe  they  are  lonely  souls  drawn  to  the  fame  SUPERAntiSpyware  now  enjoys  as  a  top  malware  tool(which  the  current  Wikipedia  entry  somewhat  belies  and  is  surely  due  a  Wiki Update)  and  so  'celebrity  culture'  has  drawn  many  oddbods.


Interesting  choice  of  beliefs  GuiltySpark, maybe  influencing  your  avatar    { ; - )


I  did  follow  'The  Druids  of  Caledon'  on  facebook  for  a  while  but never  made  it  to  their  regular  ceremonies  in  a  local  park, and  the  nearest  I  got  to  Ásatrú  was  my  love  of  the  Marvel  comix  'Thor', a  love  that  has  always  remained  with  me.


My  own  views  are  'not  knowing'  how  or  why  we  are  here, and  indeed  those  questions  may  be  even  irrelevant  albeit  interesting, but  I  attempt  to  never  sneer  or  mock  what  others  believe; I think  100%  of  anything  is  rare  and  so  I  could  not  rule  out  'fairies  at  the  bottom  of  the  garden' and humanity  itself might  just  be  an  irrelevant  side-effect/anomaly.


I  am  not  sure  how  'Positive  Thinking'  quite fits into  this, but  I  like  it  anyway



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The start of 2016 will be  keeping  GuiltySpark  busy with this onslaught of spamming in late January, some utilising non-English language and the latest(31st Jan) a lengthy French Stock/Share promoting version linking to French  and Japanese sites.


Advertising...  seems  us  humans  can't  live [effectively??] without it.


It  brings  to  mind  one  of  my  favourite  Sci-fi  short  stories, which  I  think  should  be  read by/to and  then  discussed openly  with  all  schoolkidsgoers, by  Frederik  Pohl, a two parter short story "The Wizards  of  Pung's Corners"  and  it's  followup, "The  Waging  of  the  Peace"  .


Here is someone else's summary


There is also "The Wizards Of Pung's Corners" by Pohl, which considers adding in the effects of novelty, advertising, recycling and automated factories into this same situation. After a small-scale nuclear exchange, the automated bomb-proof factories of both the USSR and America produce goods non-stop as they can no longer be accessed; selling consumer goods becomes such an important part of the economy to prevent stockpiling, advertising companies become a wing of the US government and are housed in the Pentagon. The story focuses on a small town, Pung's Corners, and the attempts by the government to drag them into the never ending cycle of consumption and recycling of goods. It also satirizes over-support of field troops, and advertising in general.

answered May 15 '15 at 8:02

It  is  a  humourous interpretation  of  the  way  Advertising  can  dominate  us.  And also  touches  on  the  'machines  taking  over'


If  anyone  doubts  the  insidious  ubiquity of  advertising  in  contemporary  societies, try  counting the  incidences of advertising  you  are  subjected  to  daily. You  may  be  suprised. {and  that  is  what  all  this  spam  is  about > m o n e y }


Like sexual reproduction, maybe  we  need  'advertising'  on  some  level  to  survive ???

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Rather than  trying to analyse  why and where the spammers function, I  would  like  to look  at  one  spam  in  detail;here is  one  that  I  received  today:


Alleged  source Tesco.com - actual  source, inf@tec.com




Tesco is giving you a chance to shop for free.Dear Customer,

Tesco is giving you a chance to shop for free at any of our tesco outlets or online by giving out free tesco vouchers.

This offer is only for Tesco Savings users and it will be on until the 29th of February, 2016.

To Qualify, follow the link below and input all the details required

Click  here to Register

The Tesco Personal Finance Team


Destination of Clicking  Click  here to Register - 



Now  the  domain  of    asociacioncostarricensedeescritoras.com  is  "The Costa Rican Association of Writers (ACE) was founded in 2000 by a group of recognized writers. Currently it brings together more than fifty narrators, poets, playwrights and essayists.",

sounds  innocuous enough, but  can  anyone  educate  us  to  what  that  'htm&urlHash=-1.584073577151696E-255'  does?


I  know  e-mail  headers  can  be  forged  and  you  can  actually  receive  e-mail  from  your  own  e-mail  address ( which  has  happened to me on more than one occasion!),  and  maybe  enlighten  us  as  to  why  unforgeable  e-mail  formats  have  not (?) been  made  and  are  not  used?




will  now  forward said e-mail to Tesco to warn them and then delete it.



Edited by GuiltySpark
link omitted for safety.

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