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False Positive:itpautoclean.dll

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Hi Sir

My name is Moe, Product Manager from Yet Another Cleaner (YAC) team.


Currently, some of our files have been flagged by SuperAntiSpyware


I have attached them here and all password:infected.


For the flagged files, they are common module and do no harm to any of the users.


Please kindly help us to remove this alert or share us some clues or suggestions to solve this issue.


Thanks in advance!


YAC Team



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I have changed these two detections to potentially unwanted application (PUP) status.  I believe YAC is on our PUP list because the program comes bundled with 3rd party software and is known for reinstalling itself when removed.




PUP status means SUPERAntiSpyware users will be notified of YAC as a potentially unwanted program, but will have to choose to remove the program, as it is not set for removal by default.


If you have made changes to YAC where it is no longer bundled with 3rd party software, we may be able to give your request consideration, the link to submit a vendor dispute is available here:





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