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Trojan or false positive?

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I have a file and I am not sure if it is a false positive. Let me know if this should go in false positive discussion- I didn't want to move it there because I am not sure if it is or really a trojan. I meant to download the program, but I am not sure if it might of somehow become infected. A few days ago a scan did not pick it up, but for some reason that older scan was run as a "limited user" (checked old log- no idea why it was run this way) versus today when it was picked up when run as an administrator (which it should be).


Here is the log entry:


Here is the virustotal:
I also submitted the sample, if that helps.
Thanks for any help!

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Hello c123,


I believe that this was a false detection. I have adjusted the definition database and it should no longer be detected as of database version 11755 (which will be released later today).


Please download database version 11755, restart SUPERAntiSpyware and scan again.


Let us know if this resolves this false detection.

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