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(SOLVED) Archeage's hackshield

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I think this is a false positive. Attached is a screenshot of SUPERAntiSpyware's pro active scanner. My friend(s) want me to play some Archeage but I can't because my SUPERAntiSpyware marks it as a trojan and then blocks it from running and the game needs that for it work.


According to what I've been told, Hackshield is a program to prevent cheating in multiplay. Similar to Steam's VAC and other games that make use of PunkBuster and the likes. So I'm not sure why it's been blocked unless it *is* doing malicious tasks that looked very suspiciouse to SUPERAntiSpyware and it blocked it for my safety.


I hope we get to the bottom of this as I would like to bypass this obstacle to play some Archeage with my mates!





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