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SAS crashes scanning USB-connected external hard drives

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My SAS Pro crashes when scanning external hard drives. This happens on two different computers, one Win8.1, the other Win7.1, one with a 3.0 USB connection, the other with a 2.0. Both drives are quite large, 3,0 TB Western Digital drives. I know there have been occasional reports of "issues" dealing with such large drives involving other software.


Is there a fix for this?


Is there a way to run a COMPLETE SCAN but set it to ignore external HDDs? Yes, I know I can create a CUSTOM SCAN as a workaround, of course.


The crash freezes SAS and does popup the report window. I've submitted my email address more than once but never heard back. (Literally just did it NOW with the email attached to this account, as just had a freeze/crash.)


Note that the log isn't created, nothing is reported. It's basically a BSOD for SAS! I also find when I click the "Restart SAS" it doesn't seem to re-start it. I have to click the desktop icon for SAS to reload.


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