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SAS hanging on Dd1.exe file

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Hi guys, I'm trying to resolve an issue that appears to have affected my explorer.exe file and am currently scanning my drives with SAS in safe mode. For the past hour however it's been stuck on D:\Recycled\Dd1.exe. As it's taken 5 and half hours to get this far, I'm reluctant to reboot and start again (especially since I've been working on this damn thing for 3 days now!), anyone have any ideas, should I be running it in normal mode? Can I just manually delete this file?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated, I'm able to access internet from a loaned machine at mo, but I have to have this whole issue resolved by Monday!


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Do your best to give a clear picture as to what is happening when you try regular mode .

Malware can show up in the recycle bin and even run from there .

Delete it if you can and rescan .

Use safemode with networking so you can both update SAS and download tools .

Download a copy of Autoruns : http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysint ... oRuns.mspx

Run a scan but press ESC to stop it .

Click options .

Check both "verify code signatures" and "hide signed microsoft entries" . This will make the list a lot shorter .

Now press F5 to rerun the scan with the new settings .

Click file , save as and save the log to your desktop .

Open it , copy all and paste it into your next post .

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Hi thanks for the reply, it started scanning shortly after I posted and finally finished. Got my explorer back and all scans now showing as clear, thank heavens, have downloaded your suggestion however just to be on top of everything. thanks again.

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