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SAS stuck on Scan Results Page - Failed to Sleep

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I have the Pro version. SAS is scheduled to scan in the middle of the night and then put my comp to sleep after. Lately, SAS is getting stuck on the Scan Results page with a pop-up stating "failed to sleep...do you want to check your schedule settings now?" I don't want to change my settings, so I've always clicked "no". However, this error continues, and SAS does not "Continue", even though there is a button at the bottom of Scan Reults page to do so - nothing is highlighted to choose (other choices are Cancel Scan and View Scan Results)..


What do I do?



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Hi Journey,


do you have any other programs scheduled which could be preventing your system from sleeping?

No; only SAS runs then. I've never received this message before, and now it's getting stuck having found PUP and cookies; I cannot click to "Continue", so things are not getting removed.


Hope you can help. : )

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