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Ultra Male

Still no Pale Moon Support

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I thought SAS was goin gto support Pale Moon in version 6 but I just installed Pale Moon, visited many sites then ran a scan and it didn't find a single tracking cookie. Pale Moon has become a very major browser now with many users switching to it after Firefox adopted the fugly Australis interface so why not support it? it's not like anything major has to be done you just have to add the folder where Pale Moon stores it cookies and it's done!


Please fix this

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I just noticed that if I run a FULL SCAN rather than a Quick Scan SAS catches the cookies since now it scans the entire drives, so it is able to see them in Pale Moon's folder.....



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@ MaXimus +1


As a very early adopter of Palemoon I didn't know that SAS Quick Scan does not check Palemoon cookies locations.

-  thank you Max' for the info :)


SAS has outperformed Bitdefender and Malwarebytes on one occasion when I really had a difficult infection (my PC that is,  not me!)


I would like to second MaXimus' motion of supporting Palemoon.

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Yes it's very easy,


Just add the following location to the quick scan:




For now, I manually added that path to the custom scan but still would like it to be also included by default in SAS

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Thanks MaXimus :)


I am using SAS free portable


I can see I (might) have painted my self into a corner using the free portable (!?) SAS, to serve both 32bit and 64bit PCs

-  in the process of trying to get my head around SAS downloads I think there are 3 downloads


  • free-portable
  • free installer (with opt-out adware)
  • PRO (hopefully without any adware)


Are custom folder locations stored in the registry -OR- somewhere else ... if I continue to use alleged portable SAS ?


In my pursuit of the SAS portable registry entries , I now have 3 program entries in my C:\Programs2\  folder  :oops:

-  my own making while trying to understand where the Registry entries came from with the free-portable SAS

-  I have assumed if any of my PCs fall over, an installed SAS might not be functional ... my reason for opting for "portable"


I assume Palemoon cookies folder will be different in 64bit to 32bit Palemoon

-  I will do my homework at Palemoon forum and post back here for any other Palemooners

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