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Shutdown after a Manual Scan-- Revisited

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Offer a new option for SAS Professional to shut down after a manual scan.


This feature enormously benefits those who run their SuperAntiSpyware scans after they finish a Windows session, rather than during a session. As many users have discovered, running SAS during a session often imposes a performance penalty, even while running in the background.


This new option also resolves the obvious problem with after-session scanning-- leaving the system running after scan completion. It might be as much as 24 hours, or even longer, before the user returns.


The auto-shutdown option is also a hardware saver, since it minimizes the time a system is left running after hours. When a storm sends surges through the power grid, an idle system can be damaged by such power variations. In addition, auto-shutdown is a security feature, since many users forget to terminate access to the internet when they leave a running system.


Of course, users will need to set SAS beforehand to take care of whatever malware it finds-- the usual choice is to have SAS quarantine all items found for later review.


Quite a few SAS Professional users with unpredictable work patterns find it difficult to schedule system scans. They need to be able to work at maximum speed while in their Windows session, and the time for their end-of-session scan varies wildly  from day to day. For them, manual scans are the only way they can use SAS effectively. 

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