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SAS high network usage

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I'm using SAS Lifetime Professional Subscription and noticed there seems to be a high daily network usage for the Superantispyware Update application.  Is this normal?


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hello alhazred. Are you using the latest version of SAS Pro? Latest version is 6.0.1146? Did you try doing a uninstallation and re-installation and did it work? The last option that may fix this:


1) Is uninstalling via add/remove and doing a manual reboot.

2) Download the Superantispyware removal tool (go to SAS website), click on support, click on the first link (how to uninstall Superantispyware?) of the 1st heading (Top consumer issues and help), scroll down and you will see a tool called SuperAntispyware uninstaller Assistant (32bit/64 bit) run the tool that according to your windows OS. Run this tool in windows safe mode.

3) Reinstall a fresh new copy of SAS Pro and do another manual reboot.


If this method doesn't help I suggest you contact SAS customer service by submitting a support ticket.

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