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Tr.Poweliks virus

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Hi Guys!

Has any

one seen the TR.Poweliks virus yet?  It opens multiple sessions of DLLHost.exe labeled as COM Surogate sessions.  They suck up Memory until hte computer will not run anymore, causing it to crash.  Superantispyware does not seem to be able to see this one or address it at all.  I have sent a message, and there does not seem to be an executable to catch and send in as a sample.


There is a program called RogueKiller which can see it, but I do not know how to make it remove the virus.  I am hoping Superantispyware will find it and make an addition to kill this one..


Has anyone else seen this one?  I am wondering if anyone has defeated this one out there yet.


Thanks if you can help me,




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