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I'm looking for information on resolving issues with Comodo Internet Security and accompanying programs. If anyone has used this and attempted to uninstall but used other means I'd appreciate a bit of help. I'm not a computer newbie but a bit unfamiliar with going to deep into registry files. Thanks so much.


If anyone can point me to right area in forums I'd sure appreciate it. SuperAntiSpyware isn't findng any issues with Comodo but my computer running correctly sure is. Help please!


I've asked for help from Comodo, used their uninstaller to remove the program on my laptop and on this desktop but all kinds of files still running in background, browser hijacked by their's, etc.

I asked for help from their geekbuddy and had my laptop crash and hard drive now unresponsive after the person worked on my computer and it took 10 minutes to reboot. He said he'd fix why my laptop won't start up.

So now on desktop and trying to get the files off this computer so don't have save issues.



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