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My dl version 6 is always 6.0.1030

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I've dl ver 6 free from a variety of places here and I always get 6.0.1030. During the last 7 days, 

my problem stated when sas notified me of a problem and wanted to submit a report to sas.

I reran sas free and still had this problem I completely deleted the ver of sas I had, dl, from your

site, an sas free. I installed it, ran it and the scan completed. That version ran a 2 days and now I have sas 

free notifying me of a problem and asking if I want to submit a report.  I have been using as free

for a few years, I use sas free, because sas pro would conflict with my av software.

When I hover the mouse over the sas icon, I see sas version 6.0.1030.


Is this correct ?


I don't know why the scan stops and causes a problem. It's a custom scan of C:/ hd

It scans about 130k - 180k files and dies.


Any help would be appreciated.

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hi Advanced Member. I apologize for my tardiness in responding to your post. my computer stopped working, no bios, no post, nothing, just power on. another nightmare. it turned out to be the pci-x slot, that I had been using for my display, became defective and stopped everything from working.  I bought a new mb, cpu, solid state hd, hd, ram, tower and have been getting it to work. I have nothing installed, except adobe, ccleaner, endpoint av,

I installed win 7 ultimate but endpoint is a different av program, I had Kaspersky pure 3.0 on the old one.   


I dl sas free again, I installed it it and ran it. sas found 15  adware problems but sas gave me that same report that sas had had a problem do I want to report it. I clicked yes, it came back to the report page with the 15 adware problems. I continued, sas quarantined all of them.

I came to this forum and read your post. I disabled all 3 options, reran sas got the same sas error report. the version of this sas is now 6.0.1146, database version is 11521. this is an entirely new system,


I have a san 128gb (solid state) as the c drive and a 900gb as the d drive(it has nothing installed on it), 4gb memory. the only device I reused is the display, it's an IZ3D, I did not hookup the vga cable to the display.


thank you for your reply

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